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  • Real Feat" is a podcast that delves into the Biblical stories to spotlight remarkable achievements and divine moments. Hosted by Jeremy, each episode aims to bridge ancient scriptural stories with contemporary insights, making them relevant for today's audience. The podcast seeks to engage the curious, highlighting that in the Bible, the extraordinary isn't just a tale, but a testament of faith.
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  • #33: GAD
    Feb 23 2024

    In this enlightening episode of "The Chronicles of Gad: Jacob's Seventh Son," we delve into the captivating story of Gad, a character often overshadowed in the broader narrative of the Israelite tribes. Born to Jacob and his handmaid Zilpah, Gad’s tale is one of destiny, strength, and providence.

    We begin our journey exploring the origins of Gad's name, which means “luck” or “fortunate” in Hebrew, setting the tone for his extraordinary life. Unravel the layers of Gad’s identity, from his birth as the seventh son of Jacob to his role as the founder of the Israelite tribe of Gad.

    Join us as we navigate through the ancient texts, from the Book of Genesis to classical rabbinical literature, uncovering the insights and mysteries surrounding Gad’s life. We discuss the theory of Gad's tribe being a nomadic group, a late addition to the Israelite confederation, and their eventual settlement.

    Our episode also delves into Gad's remarkable strengths, as described in rabbinical sources, and how these attributes influenced his role within his family and tribe. We explore his union with Uzith, integrating his personal story into the vast tapestry of Israelite history.

    Finally, we take you on a virtual journey to the Prophet Jadur Shrine in Al-Salt, Jordan, believed to be Gad’s final resting place, a site revered in both Arab and Muslim traditions.

    "Gad: A Journey of Fortune and Destiny" promises to be an engaging episode, shedding light on this less-explored biblical figure and his significant impact on the history of the Israelite tribes. Tune in to discover the legacy of Gad, a man of strength, fortune, and destiny.

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    14 mins
  • #32: NAPHTALI
    Feb 19 2024

    Welcome to our latest podcast episode where we delve into the intriguing story of Naphtali, one of the lesser known but equally fascinating sons of Jacob. In this episode, we will explore the origins of Naphtali, his role in the family dynamics of Jacob's sons, and the unique characteristics attributed to him and his descendants. From his birth because of Rachel and Leah's rivalry to his lasting legacy within the Israelite tribes, we uncover the layers of Naphtali's story. Join us as we journey through biblical narratives, apocryphal texts, and scholarly insights to gain a deeper understanding of Naphtali's place in history and his impact on the cultural and spiritual fabric of the Israelite people. Tune in for an enlightening discussion that sheds light on one of the tribes of Israel and its enduring significance.

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    18 mins
  • #31: DAN
    Feb 16 2024

    In this intriguing episode of "Historical Threads," we delve into the enigmatic story of the Tribe of Dan, one of the legendary twelve tribes of Israel. Named after Dan, the fifth son of Jacob and Bilhah, this tribe’s journey is a tapestry woven with tales of valor, spiritual struggles, and profound mysteries.

    Join us as we explore the origins of the Tribe of Dan, tracing its lineage back to the patriarchal times of Jacob, also known as Israel. We'll examine the pivotal role of Dan in the biblical narratives, especially in the context of his brother Joseph's dramatic story and the tribe's significant contributions during the Exodus.

    Our journey takes us through the tumultuous times of settlement in Canaan, where the Tribe of Dan faced formidable challenges and eventually found its place by the Mediterranean Sea. The highlight of our exploration will be the enigmatic figure of Samson, a Nazirite judge known for his extraordinary strength and tragic downfall, a story that has fascinated scholars and believers alike.

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    19 mins

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