Chronicles of Nesteryia

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Finneas Grey and the Vial of Nech Publisher's Summary

Finn knows one thing....

…trying to be popular can be scary. 

What will he do when he meets an ogre? 

At school, Finn is a typical nerd. He wears glasses, loves fantasy games, and excels at science. But he has one flaw, a selfish streak that sometimes gets him in trouble. Trying to be cool has its price, especially if you make fun of your best friend, Audie, to try to impress the jocks. 

She is mad and hurt. 

Audie thought they were BFFs. 

But friends don't do that. 

In a world of magic, elves, dwarfs, and fantastic creatures, a struggle rages on. When Finn and Audie, who is still mad at him, find themselves thrust into this alternate reality, they are unprepared for what comes next. 

Who will help them? 

What is the secret to the world of Nesteryia? 

You'll love this YA fantasy, because Trevor Darby creates a magical world with wonderful characters and real dangers. 

Get it now. 

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