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Detective Galbraith: The King of Diamonds & The Midas Touch Publisher's Summary

Ex-policeman Galbraith is caught up in mystery and murder in these two gripping, fast-paced detective dramas.

After a long career in the Flying Squad, veteran copper Bill Galbraith is hanging up his truncheon and saying goodbye to the police force. He's looking forward to a quiet life on civvy street - but his best friend, private investigator Tommy Evans, has other ideas....

In The King of Diamonds, Galbraith's enjoying a peaceful retirement in the countryside when Tommy calls him up with a job offer. Adamant that he's done with detection, Bill refuses, but Evans persists - and soon, Galbraith is embroiled in murky goings-on involving a beautiful blonde, a missing diamond courier and a criminal mastermind.

The Midas Touch sees Bill accosted once again by his old PI pal, who shows him a mysterious photograph of a party on a lawn, with circles drawn round the heads of three people. The photo was part of a parcel addressed to a retired criminal lawyer, which also contained bearer bonds, a list of jewellery worth £750,000 and a letter threatening the life of a man named Paul Carson. The crime the package tells of has yet to be discovered - can Galbraith root it out?

Created by the award-winning writer of Z Cars and Softly Softly, Robert Barr, these two suspenseful full-cast dramas star Bernard Hepton as the reluctant investigator, with Richard Davies as Tommy Evans.

Production credits:

Written by Robert Barr.

Produced by John Browell.

Starring Bernard Hepton as Galbraith.


The King of Diamonds

Tommy Evans/Paul - Richard Davies

David Cater - Tom Watson

Gelder - Peter Dyneley

Anne-Marie - Eva Haddon

Cornell/Commander - Hector Ross

Mary Galbraith - Katharine Page

Milne - Bruce Alexander

Lindemanns - Cyril Shaps

Dykers - Trader Faulkner

Brent - Peter Williams

Jacobus - Stephen Greif

Betty van Druten - Frances Jeater

Lander - Peter Hawkins

Gunman - Robert Gillespie

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 15th August - 19th September 1975.

The Midas Touch

Tommy Evans - Richard Davies

Bernie Finch - Garard Green

Sailor/Andreas - Kevork Malikyan

Nick Tully - Clive Merrison

Bavister - Eric Richard

Mrs Palmer - Margery Withers

Doc McDowall - Robert Gillespie

Thorn - David Ryall

Chief Inspector Collins/Inspector Burridge - Michael Kilgarriff

Rita - Rosalyn Slater

Carson - Matthew Francis

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 4th October - 8th November 1977.

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