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IIZI Spanish 1 Publisher's Summary

Learn to speak Spanish with IIZI and improve your language skills with IIZI’s speech recognition technology.

IIZI is the most fun and the easiest way to practice speaking a language on your own. The only way you’re going to master spoken language is by being exposed to it. When you speak, you train your brain, mouth and tongue to coordinate with one another.

Speaking with a conversation partner is an important part of learning a language. During IIZI Spanish lessons, a native English speaker will guide you and you’ll be participating in the conversations of two native Spanish speakers. Instructions enable you to understand and participate in the conversation. The emphasis is on repetition and pronunciation.

Doing an IIZI course is also like shadowing which is an effective technique for learning a language. During the course, there are short pauses for you to repeat the word, structure or sentence. You are supposed to imitate the character as closely as possible.

IIZI Spanish is a course for English speakers who want to speak Spanish.

This course is the first lesson of a ten-lesson Spanish program. It provides 30 minutes of spoken Spanish practice, with an introductory conversation, new vocabulary, structures and sentences. You’ll be understanding and speaking Spanish in a very short time. All it takes is 30 minutes a day !

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