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Stories on Lord Ganesh Series: Book 1 Publisher's Summary

Lord Ganesh is the son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. He is the first one to get worshipped before worshipping any other god. We can say, in short, that there is no Hindu who doesn't perform Lord Ganesh’s worship. In Ramayana, Lord Rama had worshiped Lord Ganesh. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna had also worshiped Lord Ganesh. They have become the role models to the whole world.

Before the beginning of any work, it is common to worship Lord Ganesh. There are many holy hymns on Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh’s favorite food is modak. He gets pleased if we offer durva grass to him. He also loves red hibiscus flower. He is called the vighnaharta because he wards off all the obstacles in our life. He is also called vighnaraja. There are infinite names to Lord Ganesh which we cannot explain. He ties a snake around his waist.

The vehicle of Lord Ganesh is mouse in Hindu culture. Lord Ganesh is worshiped all over India. His miracles have been described in all of the 18 puranas. There are many forms of Lord Ganesh.

He has two wives - one is Riddhi, and the other is Siddhi. Lord Ganesh has got 32 forms of incarnations. The modak which you offer to Lord Ganesh will give you good results. Lord Ganesh does not bias among his devotees. He is specially worshipped on sankashti days.

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