The Prisoner

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The Prisoner Publisher's Summary

Newly sentenced felon Neal Landon reads the gut-wrenching punishment manual for the Life Sentence Diversion and Rehabilitation Program. If he chooses to enter the program, he'll be given to a handler whose sole duty is to punish him, and train him. Can he endure the harsh punishments outlined in the manual in exchange for his eventual freedom?

Read the rules for prisoners and the punishment manual for handlers along with him. Among other things, the manual includes a 6-part guide to beatings: restraint on the rack, implements, intervals, the standard 10-point beating, intensifying a beating, and severity.

It also details the cramped cell with its heavy shackle, the specially designed chamber for stress positions, and tiny concrete tomb that the prisoner will be housed in. Imagine his horror as he reads about the electric shock collar he will wear at all times, pronged shackles, stress positions, and how his body's most basic functions and desires will be used to torment him.

He'll learn that he may be forced to wear a bit and pull a cart until he's exhausted, and that his handler might follow it up with placing clamps on the sensitive tissue of his weary body and stretching exquisitely tender muscles with plugs for several hours.

He will discover he is required to observe strict chastity for the duration of the program, with no relief of one of his deepest needs and temptations.

The punishment manual is cruelly detailed in its description of things like application of capsicum cream to welts, forcing the prisoner to sit motionless on rocks after a severe beating, and leaving him spread-eagled in solitary confinement with constant pressure on tender wrists and ankles.

Reading the list, he can only imagine how the punishments within could be cruelly combined in infinite ways until he was rendered completely submissive and obedient to his handler.

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