Time Wasters

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Time Wasters, Book 1 Publisher's Summary

Time Wasters are short adventures based on true stories. They’re all titled Super Short Preludes because they are just that: super short stories that lead up to big life concepts or events, designed to help pass short spouts of time. 

Each mini-book in the series actually contains an entire story that will draw you in, make you laugh, and then allow you to move on with your life.

If you want to listen, but don’t have the time or are in no mood to commit to a novel, then a Time Waster is just what you need.

Love or Low Places: Dana is young, wild and free - until her entire world is turned upside down by a man she meets at karaoke night. Is there really such thing as love at first sight? You be the judge.

Sabotage by Hook and Dog: Dani convinces her husband, brother-in-law, and friend to go on a fishing adventure, only to have a disastrous turn of events completely take over.

Trampling Beast: While spending time on her cousin’s farm, Diedra finds herself making an effort to help guide an escaping animal back to its rightful place...until things take a turn for the worse.

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