Verity White

Verity White

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Verity White is a commercial lawyer turned legal innovation expert with a passion for redesigning legal documents, contracts, and processes to be easy to read, easy to use, and jargon-free. After 10+ years in corporate law land, Verity saw a problem. Too many business owners and lawyers were held back by confusing contracts and clunky legal processes. So, she started Checklist Legal to put her love for problem-solving and fixing things to good use. And to help change the world of contracting for the better! Now, Verity is a multi-award-winning lawyer, legal innovator, and speaker sharing her love for clear, clever contracts with businesses and lawyers around the world. As an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Verity teaches Contract Design for Automation and is helping shape a new generation of lawyers (and contracts!). When she's not trying to revolutionise the legal industry, you'll find her going all-out for a themed costume party (yes, even on zoom), walking a very cute Cavalier, or mixing up her go-to cocktail, a margarita. Connect with Verity on LinkedIn and Instagram @checklistlegal or visit her online for more details on her current projects: 

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