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Big Night Out Session

Get in the Right Mood, with Brainwave Audio
Written by: Brain Hacker
Narrated by: Brain Hacker
Length: 40 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Big Night Out Session - Get in the right mood, with Brainwave Audio. Get ready to hit the town and party big time - with Big Night Out, the power-packed brainwave audio recording from Brain Hacker!

Big Night Out uses special audio sounds to influence your brainwave patterns, helping you get in the mood for fun and excitement during a 40-minute session. This audio employs brainwave entrainment technology to sync your brainwaves up to particular frequencies. After being exposed to these frequencies, the brain replicates them, helping to bring about particular states of mind in just minutes. In this session, your brain is gently encouraged to sync up with a 60-Hz isochronic tone, helping infuse the mind with anticipation and exuberance.

How to use: Just hit play and listen as you prepare to go out for the evening. It's completely safe, non-invasive, and non-addictive. It won't damage any of your brain cells, either.

Please note: You should avoid using this session if you are epileptic or if you need to stay awake. See for full warnings and our disclaimer.

Technical Information: This audio session helps focus your mind on your plans for the night ahead. The professionally composed track features upbeat music at 128 BPM, with a driving rhythm and infectious melody guaranteed to lift your spirits and get you buzzing with excitement. It also includes carefully blended isochronic tones, peaking at at 60 Hz, which work in the background to generate Gamma waves in the brain, making it possible to ramp up your enthusiasm levels without the need for harmful drugs or stimulants.

Download the Big Night Out session now to get truly pumped up and ready to make this a night to remember!

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