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Discover Wonder, the series about the pain of looking different and the power of friendship that inspired the Choose Kind movement.  

August Pullman just wants to be a regular kid in a regular school. But he is unsure about starting fifth grade because of his facial deformities. When grown-ups often recoil at the sight of him, how will kids react? 

Despite his determination to be accepted, Auggie faces many hardships at his new school, including bullying by enemies and even some so-called friends. Meanwhile, his sister, Olivia, has her own conflicts as she struggles between supporting her brother and acclimating to life at a school where no one knows of his condition. Listen as Auggie succeeds in the strange world of Beecher Prep, despite the cruelty of other children, as he meets people who help him grow. R. J. Palacio’s reassuring messages of self-acceptance, friendship, and hope are certain to resonate with young listeners.

Join a team of six narrators throughout the Wonder series as you explore Auggie’s story from not only his own perspective, but also through the eyes of the people who pass through his life. From friends and family to total strangers, the voices of Diana Steele, Nick Podehl, Kate Rudd, Michael Chamberlain, Scott Merriman, and Taylor Ann Krahn capture the way Auggie experiences the world and the world experiences Auggie. Their compelling performances help you appreciate the struggles Auggie faces and the emotions surrounding them.

Palacio’s inspiration for Wonder, her debut novel, came from an incident in her own life when her youngest son cried upon seeing a girl with a severe facial deformity. The incident stuck with her, prompting her to begin a story about a young boy with a similar condition. Natalie Merchant’s song "Wonder” inspired the title for the series, while the chorus serves as the prologue for the first chapter.

Wonder was praised by the Wall Street Journal as “a beautiful, funny and sometimes sob-making story of quiet transformation.” Since the book’s release in 2012, more than five million copies have been sold in the US alone.

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